Taking the next step in programming

Slang aims to make programming easier, faster and more comfortable. It avoids coding, repetition and frustration.
Transforming and charting data from a CSV file.
transforming and charting a csv file


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Learn how Slang works and build your first programs.
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Explore examples to get a idea what you can build with Slang.
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Have a look at what makes Slang special

Purely visual programming

No coding required

There is no need to use cryptic text-based programming languages when your program could as well be structured completely visually. Slang uses purely visual elements such as boxes and arrows to represent programs.

Convenient and straightforward

Save time

Programming doesn't need to be complicated and time-consuming. It can be convenient and straightforward without losing any of its powerfulness and flexibility. With Slang, we detached programming from the way computers work to come closer to how we think. Let's make the computer our tool again and not subject our thinking to a 70 years old computer architecture!

Runs everywhere, modifiable for your needs

Open source

Slang is implemented in Go and can be used free and open source under Apache-2. We welcome everyone who is enthusiastic about our project to join the journey to an unprecedented way of programming. Or, modify Slang to fit your needs and compile it yourself for almost every platform.

Growing every day

Tons of operators

Slang operators can perform all kinds of tasks from the very simplest to the most complex. Everyone can create new operators without coding and share them with the community - just by composing other operators! Explore our Slang world of operators which grows every day.

Use cases

Achieve this and much more in a matter of minutes

Build and use APIs
Write web interfaces or query them
Process any data
Process almost any kind of data or perform statistical analysis
Visualize data
Create charts and perform other kinds of data visualization
Process all kinds of files
Handle Excel files, CSV files and many more formats
Query databases
Use database management systems
Share operators
Allow others to use an operator you created
Connect other services
Be it cloud services, web services or other kinds of services
Automate workflows
Automate processes you currently perform manually