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Divides number A by number B.


Test data showing the behavior of Divide

Positive integers

It divides integers and potentially emits a floating point number.

Input Output
{"a":0,"b":1} 0
{"a":1,"b":1} 1
{"a":2,"b":5} 0.4
Float division

It divides floats.

Input Output
{"a":0.5,"b":0.5} 1
{"a":4.5,"b":0.5} 9
{"a":1.5,"b":2} 0.75
Negative integers

It divides integers with negative signs correctly.

Input Output
{"a":-2,"b":5} -0.4
{"a":2,"b":-5} -0.4
{"a":-2,"b":-5} 0.4
Division by zero

It returns null of the dividend is 0.

Input Output
{"a":0.5,"b":0} null
{"a":0,"b":0} null


The implementation of Divide makes use of the following 1 operators.

Evaluates an expression.

Used in

The Divide operator is used by 2 operators.

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