Wrap item

library operator
ID: 1aa54f7c-67c5-448e-a2ff-1aefe4a616dd
Creates stream containing one single generic item.


Test data showing the behavior of Wrap item

Wraps strings

It wraps strings.

Input Output
"a" ["a"]
"test" ["test"]
"" [""]
Wraps number

It wraps numbers.

Input Output
2 [2]
-6.5 [-6.5]
0 [0]


The implementation of Wrap item makes use of the following 3 operators.

Lets an iterator delegate process a state until the controller tells it to stop.
Emits a constant value for each item.

Used in

The Wrap item operator is used by 1 operators.

Sorts a stream, using a comparator delegate specifying the order.